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 Who we are

Estampe and Co
came about through the collaboration of two French artist-designers, Loic and Anne-Sophie, both currently living in London.

Estampe and Co is the confluence of two different drawing practices, which have fused together, whilst simultaneously keeping a common vision of design.

ESTAMPE & Co launched three collection of print patterns inspired by Amazonia, Arctica and Africa. The patterns are based on endangered species and tribes native to the region. For the most part, these human and wildlife communities are threatened by environmental destruction and the reckless violation of nature.

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Therefore, Estampe and Co is putting forward a creative range of designs based on eco-friendliness and habitat conservation. The company promotes an informed and responsible response to environmental problems and endeavours to inspire ecological respect through its designs.

Estampe and Co is completely thorough in its approach to sustainability. From the inspiration of the motifs to the materials upon which the designs are printed, Estampe and Co puts the environment first on its agenda and engages its clientele to make responsible, sound environmentally-friendly purchases. This design range is created from recycled and recyclable materials that come from ethically and environmentally safe sources.




The Etsy Awards celebrate the best of creativity in the UK and Ireland. Chosen from thousands of entrants, Estampe & Co won the Award of the Home & Living category.

Thanks to Etsy Awards and his partners.