The Arctic. A new area of inspiration for this second collection of wallpapers and limited prints. Frozen expanses to animals who live in this region, ARCTICA is inspired, turns and offers a poetic version, light and icily coloured of one of the most threatened region in the world by climate change.

SEA LION Wallpaper - Arctic Blue/Cobalt

SEA LION Wallpaper - Arctic Blue

UNICORN OF THE SEA Wallpaper - Navy

UNICORN OF THE SEA Wallpaper - Arctic White


The Amazon. A starting point for our first collection and a source of inspiration for contemporary and graphics wallpapers.
Whether the representation of the Awá tribe or that of iconic and endangered animals, AMAZONIA proposes a new mythology, turned into kind of ideograms.
Just like the Amazon rainforest, lush and bright, full of vibrant colours, our wallpapers invite you to dive into an hypnotic universe between dream and reality, where the lines dance on your walls.

ARQUEIRO Wallpaper - Terracotta

ARQUEIRO Wallpaper - Minuit

ARQUEIRO Wallpaper

ARQUEIRO Wallpaper - Amazon

ARIRANHA Wallpaper - Ceruleen

ARIRANHA Wallpaper - Cobalt

ARIRANHA Wallpaper - Sinople

ARIRANHA Wallpaper - Sinople Helios

IHIA Wallpaper - Amarante

IHIA Wallpaper - Encre

IHIA Wallpaper - Minuit

IHIA Wallpaper - Nyx

ARA Wallpaper - Ceruleen

ARA Wallpaper - Andrinople

ARA Wallpaper - Sinople

ARA Wallpaper - Cobalt

AVO Wallpaper - Amarante

AVO Wallpaper - Encre

AVO Wallpaper - Minuit

AVO Wallpaper - Nyx

PANTHERA Wallpaper - Encre

PANTHERA Wallpaper - Ceruleen

PANTHERA Wallpaper - Amazon

PANTHERA Wallpaper - Amarante

TAJRA Wallpaper - Encre

TAJRA Wallpaper - Amarante

TAJRA Wallpaper - Amazon

TAJRA Wallpaper - Minuit

ALOUATTA Wallpaper - Sinople Helios

ALOUATTA Wallpaper - Tangerine

ALOUATTA Wallpaper - Sinople